I cannot say enough about Rosie Zuno

I cannot say enough about Rosie Zuno, my wonderful Real Estate agent. We just closed escrow on a beautiful investment condo, which I probably would not have seen, being overwhelmed with multiple listings, if she had not noticed this property and texted me immediately saying, “This looks ideal, doesn’t it? “
The last time I purchased a property through a bank loan was 30 years ago and Rosie was the perfect professional liaison between escrow, loan banker, and me. She was knowledgeable, patient, kind, and available to me at all times. Her communication skills are excellent and I received answers to all my questions and concerns within minutes whether by text or email. Aside from the standard things a buyer’s agent does, Rosie had the sellers purchase a one year warranty for all the appliances in the condo, something she regularly does for her clients. She has even advised me about renting this property. For all your real estate needs, Rosie Zuno is the best!